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Meet the Author

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A Native of Southern Californina, Lili Porter grew up in Los Angeles. She married her longtime sweetheart, and together they have three wonderful children and a dog. When Lili's not molding the minds of tomorrow's future leaders, she penning naughty romances for erotica readers.

Lili's Work
Though she's always loved to read, Lili decided that she should take her passion a step further, and forge ahead as a novelist. After a year of developing her plot and characters, her novel, Chocolate and Italian Wine, is ready for release.

Lili has enjoyed immersing herself in the lives of these characters, discovering their individual, unique voices. She's also noticed that she has evolved in many ways while writing the story, drawing from the experience of her editor who has helped her throughout development.

Lili simply wants readers to enjoy reading her book as much as she enjoyed writing it. She hopes you will enter the world of her characters, and enjoy the new places the story takes you.

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